Kamis, 01 Oktober 2015

A Sign Of The Failure Of The Treatment Of Child Pulmonary Fleck

When children suffer ill lung spots, surely you as soon as possible take it to the clinic treatment and therapy treatment live lung spots as where it should be. But do you know if of the treatment is done, there is a course of treatment that is said to "fail" and of course you have to repeat the medicine back to the initial stage.

To recognize whether the treatment is done the son of successful or failed, the following A Sign Of The Failure Of The Treatment Of Child Pulmonary Fleck, among other things :
  1. During treatment, child Fleck still often cough colds
  2. Still out of sweat at night (although the cold weather)
  3. Still cranky and difficult to sleep
  4. Laboratory results are still above normal
  5. Radiology results still Flecks
The failure of this treatment, no doubt influenced by some causes, including :
  • Less revealing family physicians who treat
  • Taking the drug late always/always forget
  • Children violates the restrictions doctors during treatment. examples of frequently eating ice
  • Patient Treatment is not entirely to one doctor. examples that often occur in the field. When patients in their treatment of the spots and in the supervision of a pediatrician, he sought to place when suffering from the disease outside the disease spots (saves time) any other disease should remain in the treatment of a doctor who are dealing with flecks.
By knowing the signs and Penyebab Gagalnya Pengobatan Flek Paru Anak,
Hopefully there will be no more lung spots treatment failed at a later date, so that the child can return healthy and running activities, as appropriate.

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